Judge a Book by its Cover Reading Challenge 2015

There is an expression that says don’t judge a book by it’s cover and I want to do the opposite of that. So the Judge a Book by its Cover Reading Challenge is 24 categories  where everything is purely about what’s on the cover and back of a book.


As the year goes on I will be updating  my blog with possible book options, although some categories (like #2: A book with a sticker on it) could be pretty much anything. If you come up with some great options for new categories, submit them in the comments below and I’ll write about some of your suggestions.



* For those who complete the challenge by the end of 2015, they will go into a drawing for a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble or to Amazon.  To enter make a blog post on your site with the 24 books that you read in 2015 and a link back to this page so I know you’re participating. If you don’t blog leave me a message below.

** Side note: Books that fulfill multiple categories only can count as one category on the list. But, as a second contest, the person that finds a book that fulfills the most categories will win a $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble or to Amazon. Just make a blog post on your site with a picture of the book, the categories that it fulfills, and a link back to this page. The same book cover cannot be entered twice, so first come, first serve. 


Happy Reading Everyone!


2015 read


Judge a Book by its Cover Reading Challenge


  1.  Social Media Unfriendly :  A book with an untweetable title
  2. Stuck on the Cover With You: A book with a sticker on it
  3. Lois Lane, Peter Parker, and Wonder Woman Approved : A book whose author has an alliterative name
  4. Notable Quotables: A paperback with quotes instead of a blurb on the back
  5. Unusual Suspects: A book with a X, Q, or Z in the title
  6. Coming Attractions: A book with “soon to be a major motion picture” (or other similar wording) on it
  7. Name Game: A book with a character’s name in the title
  8. Picture Perfect: A book without a picture on the cover
  9. Why are There So Many Books about Rainbows: A book with more than half of the colors of the rainbow on it
  10. Hot & Cold: A book with fire or ice
  11. One is the Loneliest Title: A book with a number in the title
  12. Drinks on Me: A book with coffee, tea, water, or another type of drink on the cover
  13. A Book is a Book is a Book: A book with a book on the cover
  14. Let There be Blood: A book with blood on the cover
  15. Let Them Eat Book: A book with food on the cover
  16. !#@*&: A book with punctuation in the title
  17. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: A book with some type of transportation
  18. Old McDonald Wrote a Book: A book with an animal on the cover
  19. Color Me Book: A book with a color in the title
  20. Days of our Lives: A book with a daytime sky
  21. I Love the Nightlife: A book with a nighttime sky
  22. I Really Need Some Body: A book with a body part on the cover
  23. Words Words Words: A book with just words on the cover
  24. Dress to Impress: A book with formal wear on the cover


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  2. Hi, i really loved this challenge. I’m from Portugal and i would love to translate this challenge and post it on my blog:


    And of course try to fill all the categories with my 2015 readings.
    So, in this message I’m asking your for permission to do this. I will of course mention your blog and the authorship of the challenge.


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