Literary World Cup – First Place – Congratulations Germany !!

0          After coming in third in 2006’s World Cup and third in 2010’s World Cup, Germany has received their first place win.  This is the first World Cup win for Germany since the country reunified in 1990 (West Germany won first place in the 1990 World Cup just four months before reunification). Germany also made history with their World Cup win, as the first European team to win a World Cup in South America. Congratulations Germany! As promised here are ten books celebrating German authors.
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Literary World Cup – Second Place

0Second Place goes to Argentina. Again I will honor there victory by recapping all the Argentinian books mentioned previously.



Jorge Luis Borges


aThe Tunnel

Ernesto Sabato


aaTalking to Ourselves

Andrès Neuman


1The Winners

Julio Cortázar



2Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way

Francis Mallmann & Peter Kaminsky


1How I Became a Nun

Cèsar Aira




0Eternal Curse on the Readers of These Pages

Manuel Puig

The slightly menacing title instantly pulls reader into the novel. Most of the action in this book is a conversation between two men, Ramirez a 74 year old Argentinian who has lost most of his memory and Larry a 30 something who pushes Ramirez’s wheelchair around three times a week. Through their conversations readers gain a sense of both men’s character and what is happening to them in the world around them.

Literary World Cup – Third Place Winner

1Netherlands scored third place with a three point win against Brazil. Congratulations team Netherlands. I have included all the books mentioned during Netherlands’ wins.



corThe Corpse on the Dike

Janwillem Van De Wetering



Corinne Duyvis


44Silent Extras

Arnon Grunberg


0 Under the Skin

Michel Faber


1Recipes from My Dutch Kitchen

Janny de Moor



Netherlands vs. Brazil0

WINNER: Netherlands


Joe Speedboat

Tommy Wieringa

Frankie Hermans winds up in a six month long coma after a suicide attempt. When he wakes up he can only use his right arm, which he uses to report on the events happening in his town. One detail that changes Frankie’s delving into the otherwise boring town is Joe, a charismatic person who shows Frankie there is more that he can do with his handicap than documenting the events of the people he lives with.



Literary World Cup – Semifinals

The semifinals of World Cup this year was pretty groundbreaking. Germany’s 7-1 win over Brazil made history as the biggest margin of victory in a semifinal game ever in World Cup history.  Astonishing! So first place will be a showdown between Germany and Argentina, and I can’t wait to see how this World Cup unfolds.


Germany vs. Brazil0

WINNER: Germany


W.G. Sebald

Vertigo is an apt title for Sebald’s novel because as readers go on this journey with the unnamed narrator they can’t help but fall into the dizzying array of both time and place. As the narrator traverses through Europe he also travels through different characters, such as Stendhal and Kafka. The end result is a book that possesses both details historical allusions and a unique textual richness.


Argentina vs. Netherlands1

WINNER: Argentina

How I Became a Nun

Cèsar Aira

A stop for strawberry ice cream changes six year old César’s life for good. In the city of Rosario an ice cream vendor serves César an ice cream laced with cyanide. Her father kills the ice cream vendor and César ends up in the hospital with cyanide poisoning, a disease that cause her to have delusions. As César deals with the every day, and not so every day, situations a six year old deals with, readers gets sucked into seeing what is imagined and what is reality.