Movie or Book First? Does the Order Matter?



There are dozens of questions I could ask in the much discussed debate of movie verses book. The one question I always go back to is, which is more influential? By that I mean does reading the book first make you want to see the movie version more, or does seeing the film make you want to read the book more?


I usually stand behind my always read the book first rule, but broke that rule and watched (technically rewatched) the Jurassic Park movies before seeing Jurassic World. While the movies brought up feelings of nostalgia, I wasn’t overwhelmed with a need to read Michael Crichton’s novels. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t read Jurassic Park one day, just that the movie didn’t make me want to read it.


On the other hand, when I hear a book I’ve read is going to be turned into a movie, after the initial period of disgust wears off; I’m genuinely excited to see that movie. I’m driven to know if I’m going to end up loving or hating the film adaptation and I get fearful for my favorite minor characters. I’m instantly invested in how the movie will represent the book.


So, for me reading a book first means that I will end up seeing a film version of that book, but seeing a movie version first does nothing to motivate me. Is it the same for you? Let me know in the comments below.


Weekend Writing Prompt: Going to the Movies



At least once a month some book gets the movie treatment (cough cough… Jurassic World), but this prompt is about doing the reverse.


Pick a movie and write that movie’s book. It could be a movie that easily lends itself to the book treatment, a movie that needs a little creative interpretation, or if you’re feeling particularly bold you could pick a movie that was based on a book.


Happy writing.

Share Your “The Book Was Better” Rants



I think a lot of readers have the same reaction process when they find out that one of their favorite books will be turned into a movie. First there is the joy and then comes the “I wonder how they’re going to change it” worries. After all there are so many ways an adaptation can go wrong.


Whether it’s cutting out your favorite scenes, veering away from the original plot, unconventional casting choices, leaving out minor characters, or a terrible combination of all of those things, some of the changes made during the book-to-movie process are just unforgivable.


So, this is the post where I want to hear everybody share their “the book was better” rants. What changes really bothered you? Was the movie on the whole bad or did it just leave you wanting more? Let me know in the comments!