Judge a Book by its Cover Reading Challenge 2016



I had so much fun doing my Judge a Book by its Cover Reading Challenge last year that I decided to bring it back. For those unaware of the challenge, the Judge a Book by its Cover Reading Challenge has categories that are based purely about what’s on the cover and back of a book. Yes we’re going to pick books based just on the cover.

So for anybody interested, check out the categories below. Happy Reading in 2016!

Reading Challenge 2016

Judge a Book by its Cover Reading Challenge



1) International Book of Mystery

A book with a country in the title


2) What The Math

A book with numbers on the cover


3) Time Enough at Last

A book with a watch, clock, or timepiece on the cover


4) Table This Discussion

A book that mentions any element on the periodic table


5) Sweater Weather

A book with snow on the cover


6) Hitchcock’s Revenge

A book with birds on the cover


7) Sometimes Y

A book with all the vowels (Y optional) on the cover


8) Three’s a Crowd

A book with more than two authors


9) Statues and Monuments

A book with a famous statute or building on it


10) To Sleep Perchance to Dream

A book with a bed on the cover


11) Book of Rock

A book with a musical instrument on the cover


12) We’ll Never Be Royals

A book with a royal in the title


13) Technologic

A book with something electronic on the cover


14) The Lorax Approves

A book with a tree or trees on the cover


15) The Good, the Bad, and the Bookish

A book with good or bad in the title


16) Let Me Tell You Bout My Best Friend

A book with friends on the cover


17) Cloudy With a Chance of Reading

A book with clouds on the cover


18) Out of This World

A book that mentions something in outer space


19) Double Trouble

An author whose name contains a set of double letters


20) It’s a Hell of a Town

A book with “New York Times Bestseller” on the cover


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