For Those Behind on Their Reading Goals



It’s beginning to look a lot like January and you know what that means, some of us need to rush to finish our reading goals. The optimist in us might have ambitiously said “100 books in a year sounds easy enough” and are now facing less than a month to read 20+ books.


I’m here to say, don’t despair. It is still possible to come close to your goal. Below are 5 tips to help you read more in December:


1) Read children’s books to your kids or just for fun

           Yes children’s book count. Just because they’re made for children doesn’t mean that only children can enjoy them. After all the books that first made us fall in love with reading are great for rekindling our desire to read more.


2) Comic books count

            Whether you prefer to call them comic books or graphic novels doesn’t matter. All that matters is with the strong narrative structure and the complex characters and themes explored in comic books today, it’s hard not to consider them as literary. We might have grown up with comic books, but they grew up with us too.


3) Audio books count too

          I used to be an audio book snob. I didn’t think it counted as reading, but I was so wrong. An audio book is a great way to read on those rare occasions when you can’t… like driving. Never read and drive. Also, that “I have to finish this book in one go” feeling is great motivation to keep you working out at the gym.




4) Poetry books

         Poetry collections are very manageable books that can be read quickly and maybe even quiet down some of those ever growing thoughts and tasks that accompany the end of year hustle.  And if you’re one of the hundreds of people who don’t like poetry you might discover just how accessible and enjoyable poetry can be.


5) Consult the internet

          There are many people out there facing the same struggle as you. So seek help. Here are a few sources I’ve found.


Those are some options to help those of us that need to catch up on some reading. If you know any great reading tips or have any other ideas for fun fast reads, write them in the comments below.


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