What I Learned from Judging Books by Their Covers


Last year about this time I issued a reading challenge, the Judge a Book by its Cover Reading Challenge 2015. I had hoped it would keep me motivated and reading throughout the year (like I needed help with that) and it did! While I did read more, I also found out the following 5 interesting things about judging books by their cover.


1) I was overwhelmed by my options.

That feeling you get when you first walk into the bookstore. Oh all the options. I had that feeling every time I tried to knock out another category.  It’s kind of amazing  how even when you think you’re limiting your options in a bookstore, you’re not. So naturally…


2) I repeated a lot of categories without even trying.

Books with colors in their name are more common than I thought. The same thing goes for authors with alliterative names and books that use X, Q, or Z in the title. Although, by far the easiest book to find was a book with “soon to be a major motion picture” (or other similar wording) on it. So many soon to be movies in the bookstore.


3) A lot of book covers take place at dusk.

I had two categories Days of our Lives: A book with a daytime sky  and I Love the Nightlife: A book with a nighttime sky that gave me unexpected trouble. Do you know how many book covers are set at dusk? That’s open for interpretation. Does it count for day or night? Is it it’s own separate categories? Several categories had me scratching my head as to whether a book cover should qualify. I came up with the challenge and I still gave myself  no slack.


4) As much as I tried to complete my challenge, I still strayed.

I knew it would happen. Other books tried to distract me from my ultimate goal and succeeded. While I completed my challenge, I still read books that didn’t fit into any category. Sorry, not sorry.


5) 2016 is going to be fun.

Yes. I enjoyed my challenge so much that I will be creating a new one for this year. Be on the lookout for 2016’s Judge a Book by its Cover Reading Challenge.