3 Great Sites Talking About Diversity in Books

I just wanted to take a moment and highlight three websites that focus on awareness of diversity in literature.


1) http://richincolor.com/



Rich in Color is dedicated to reading, reviewing, talking about, and otherwise promoting young adult books (fiction and non-fiction) starring people of color or written by people of color.

They sum up their site pretty well themselves. Between the reviews and the new release calendar (I’m a sucker for a site that has a new release calendar), rich in color provides an endless supply of books to add to your must read list. Check out the article Diverse Series You Need To Read by Imani Tennyson.


2) http://weneeddiversebooks.tumblr.com/


The we need diverse books tumblr is a hub for all things diversity that seamlessly branches out into sites with even more articles on diversity. It’s easy to get lost in time and just spend hours navigating from one link to the next. In addition to the tumblr they also have a website at http://weneeddiversebooks.org/ that explains their mission and the importance of having diversity in literature.


3) http://www.diversityinya.com/


DiYA doesn’t focus on reviewing books but on discussing diversity in YA. There are articles by authors about their journey writing their novels, lists, and even some articles about the business of books as it relates to diversity. I highly recommend checking out Malinda Ho’s article Perceptions of Diversity in Book Reviews.


If you’ve been on any of these sites, know of any other sites, or have some good book recommendations please share in the comments below.


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