All About April Q30: The End



It’s the last day of April and the last day of my April quest to find out more about all you readers out there. So, for the final question I want to know what questions you ask yourself, or the book characters, or the author while reading. Let me know in the comments below.


Thanks to everyone who commented throughout the month.



1 Comment

  1. Of course, it depends on the book, the characters, and the author. For example, the first time I read Fahrenheit 451, I wanted to ask Ray Bradbury why he killed a certain character so early in the story. It seemed a bit too abrupt to me (plus I really liked that character and wanted her to stick around longer. 😦 ). Also, the few times I’ve tried to read T. S. Eliot’s poetry, I’ve asked myself routinely what the heck he’s talking about.

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