All About April Q12: Are You a Book Snob?



This question is inspired by Amanda Nelson’s article on Book Riot, S**t Book Snobs Say: Translations. Have you said any of the following phrases?

  • E-reading isn’t REAL reading.
  • Making crafts out of old books is a DESECRATION!
  • I only read prize-winners/confirmed classics *sniff*.
  • Oh, I’ve never heard of that book. Was it reviewed in the NYT/on NPR?
  • I would never read the tripe that is Twilight/50 Shades/Oprah’s Book Club selection, and I am going to tweet that statement 50 million times.
  • The book is always better than the movie, no exceptions.


If you have, you might be a book snob.


1 Comment

  1. ROFLOL, oh gosh, hmmm. When I hear some readers criticizing a book they never read, it is a pet peeve of mine. It is very frequent now because of the success of books such as Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey. I have never read them because they are not my type but it does mean I should use them as reference about “crappy books which sells.” Well according to the above questions, I am not a book snob so far.

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