All About April Q2: Recommending Books



When you’re a reader eventually you will have someone ask you for book recommendations and it can be a tough choice picking the right book to recommend.


Do you go with the tried and true classic book you can read over and over again, the book you’ve just read and still have in your brain, or do you try to recommend a book off the beaten path that you love but people might not have heard of? Or do you do all of the above and offer some kind of laundry list to anyone who asks for a book recommendation? After all everybody isn’t going to like the same books.


There are so many different options. What’s your main thought when recommending books? Or do you have a go to book recommendation? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I tailor recommendations to the person asking. I ask what other books they’ve enjoyed, what movies and television shows they like to watch, and whether they want something funny/serious/romantic/heavy/etc. I don’t give recommendations unless I have a reason to think the other person will enjoy it–I am painfully aware of how useless and frustrating bad recommendations are (which is why I also ask others to pay me the same kindness–please respect my tastes if you want to recommend something to me as well).

  2. The only book I recommend without reservation to pretty much everyone is To Kill a Mockingbird, but other than that, I usually try to recommend books based on what I already know about the person’s taste. For instance, I really loved Fahrenheit 451 but most of the people I know probably wouldn’t like it, so I don’t recommend it to them.

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