Halfway There

At the start of the year I created the Judge a Books by its Cover Reading Challenge and I’ve just reached the halfway point. Below is my progress. I can’t wait to read through the second half of the list.

  1. Social Media Unfriendly :  A book with an untweetable title RC1
  2. Stuck on the Cover With You: A book with a sticker on it RC2
  3. Lois Lane, Peter Parker, and Wonder Woman Approved :  A book whose author has an alliterative name RC3
  4. Notable Quotables: A paperback with quotes instead of a blurb on the back
  5.  Unusual Suspects: A book with a X, Q, or Z in the title RC5
  6. Coming Attractions: A book with “soon to be a major motion picture” (or other similar wording) on it   RC6
  7. Name Game: A book with a character’s name in the title  RC7
  8. Picture Perfect: A book without a picture on the cover
  9. Why are There So Many Books about Rainbows: A book with more than half of the colors of the rainbow on it
  10. Hot & Cold: A book with fire or ice
  11. One is the Loneliest Title: A book with a number in the title  RC11
  12. Drinks on Me: A book with coffee, tea, water, or another type of drink on the cover
  13. A Book is a Book is a Book: A book with a book on the cover
  14. Let There be Blood: A book with blood on the cover  RC14
  15. Let Them Eat Book: A book with food on the cover
  16. !#@*&: A book with punctuation in the title  RC16
  17. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: A book with some type of transportation
  18. Old McDonald Wrote a Book: A book with an animal on the cover    RC18
  19. Color Me Book: A book with a color in the title
  20.  Days of our Lives: A book with a daytime sky
  21.  I Love the Nightlife: A book with a nighttime sky
  22.  I Really Need Some Body: A book with a body part on the cover
  23.  Words Words Words: A book with just words on the cover    RC23
  24. Dress to Impress: A book with formal wear on the cover     RC24


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