9 Facts about Female Authors



Since today is International Women’s Day I thought it would be great to share some interesting facts about female authors.


1. The Tale of Genji, by Murasaki Shikibu has been acknowledged as the first novel written (circa the eleventh century).

2. Currently J.K. Rowing has the bestselling book series in history. It’s about a wizard named Harry Potter. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

3. Agatha Christie, author of a total of 85 books over the course of her lifetime, is estimated to have sold a maximum total of two billion books.

4. The bestselling living author is a woman: Danielle Steele.

5. Each of Mary Higgins Clark’s 42 books has been a bestseller in the United States.

6. Louise Delany’ became the oldest author to publish a book when she published her second book at the age of 105.

7. The youngest female author commercially published was Dorothy Straight who was 6 when her book How the World Began was published.

8. The oldest Nobel Laureate in Literature to date is Doris Lessing, who was 88 years old when she was awarded the Prize in 2007.

9. Several well known female authors have adopted male pen names during their career. A few are shown in the infographic below.




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