Cinder by Marissa Meyer



Day 7 out of 7 of reading YA: Cinder

Mission Completed


Things aren’t peachy keen for people all over New Beijing. An incurable plague threatens the citizens, the emperor is dying, and looming intergalactic diplomacy issues between humans and Lunars might lead to war. All this and there is an upcoming ball to attend. Cinder is a cyborg living in New Beijing. Being a cyborg makes her a second class citizen held at the whims of her stepmother. While working at a mechanic in the market, Price Kai come in with a malfunctioning android and everything changes for Cinder. Can she handle her overbearing stepmother, avoid catching the plague, get Kai’s robot fixed, and make it to the ball all while keeping her cyborg identity a secret?


Cyborg Cinderella? At first it sounds like one of those ideas you write down in the middle of the night and try to figure out what you meant in the morning, but then you realize how it works so brilliantly together. Rather than the evil stepmother just picking on Cinder because of a mother daughter relationship, she actually has complete control over Cinder. So that lovely question about what point does a cyborg stop being human comes into play. Which is great when you consider that the once human now something else Lunars from the Moon face the same problems. Although it’s easier to be sympathetic toward a suffering cyborg girl than a power-mad, murderous, evil queen. That’s just my opinion though. Plus, even though it’s subtly sprinkled throughout the novel, I love the fact that the book is set in Asia. Sure it’s a new futuristic, overcrowded, android filled Asia, but it’s Asia not the less.


Meyer presents some complex themes in her YA novel Cinder, a unique cityscape, multifaceted characters, and… dancing.



P.S. I want to end by saying that I’m amazed by how easy it was to fit reading 7 books in 7 days into my schedule. I might try another week of reading challenge for myself in the future.



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