The Night Tourist by Katherine Marsh


Day 5 out of 7 of reading YA: The Night Tourist

Mission Completed


Jack Perdu has a near death accident. He lives, but he suddenly has the ability to see ghosts. On a trip to see a special doctor in New York, Jack wanders through Grand Central Station  into the New York underground with the help of a ghost named Euri. In a modern take on the Orpheus myth of the past, Jack must navigate the underworld, try to get back home, and see if it’s possible to take someone out with him.


I thought the idea of a modern day Orpheus sounded great; it’s one of my all-time favorite myths. Plus Marsh adds a unique twist by setting the novel in New York and giving the underworld a big city twist. There are familiar nods to the big city like the New York Public Library, Broadway, and Grand Central Station, mixed in with staples of the underworld like Cerberus and Charon. It’s the perfect blend of new and old.


As for the characters, I was in love with Jack from the moment he got hit by a car while reading a book. As a person who tries to read and walk all the time, I related to the struggle. Euri, his ghostly underworld guide, the Virgil to his Dante, shows the delicate balance between living and death. She wants to live again even if her first go at life was less than perfect. There’s a sadness to her character, but also a lot of life.


I would recommend reading The Night Tourist. It’s like siteseeing through New York with a ghost’s eye view.


Today’s Book:

Asylum by Madeleine Roux



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