The DUFF by Kody Keplinger



Day 4 out of 7 of reading YA: The DUFF

Mission Completed


Bianca Piper is a smart, cynical, seventeen year old girl. So when local playboy Wesley Rush starts talking to her out of the blue she knows not to fall for his charm. When he deems her the DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) of her group of friends, Bianca throws a drink in his face. Bianca hates Wesley, but she also has some issues at home and desperately needs an escape. That escape comes in the unlikely form of… Wesley Rush. But can using Wesley really help Bianca outrun her problems at home? And more importantly, can Bianca continue a relationship without inevitably falling for him?


The way Keplinger writes Bianca is honest. She is flawed, rife with indecision about her choices, and even a bit hypocritical, and that’s what makes her so likeable. She’s not perfect, her life is not perfect, and she doesn’t expect it to be. Bianca’s just trying to make it through. With every choice Bianca makes there is a reason behind it,  sure it might not be the right reason (that is a discussion you can have while screaming into the book), and watching her thought process unravel is half of the fun of reading The DUFF. The other half of the fun is deciding if you like or hate Wesley. It can go either way.


The DUFF is worth the read. It’s fun to watch this sarcastic teenager navigate her way through high school pre and post DUFF status. There are as many laugh out loud moments as there are “why did you do that” moments. Plus die hard readers might appreciate a not so subtle nod to Hawthorne and Bronte.


Today’s Book:

The Night Tourist by Katherine Marsh



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