Are Your Books Cold?




I want to get some feedback from the readers out there. Do you keep the book jackets on your books?


I for one always take the book jackets off, preferring to see the spine of my books. In fact there is an added benefit to this habit of stripping down the books on my shelves. If I do happen to see a still jacketed book, it’s a dead giveaway that I have not read that book yet.


But, I’m sure there are those readers out there that don’t consider the book jacket as just a throwaway item. And I admit some of the artwork on book jackets is too wonderful to go to waste. I’m torn. But most of all, I’m really curious. So let me know in the comments below if your books are still wearing their jackets?



  1. I always leave my bookjackets on. It’s a part of the book. Even when i’m reading i still keep them on the book, just because it looks beautiful and for me it’s just the way the writer wants it to be. Otherwise he wouldn’t have put the jacket on his book. (:

  2. I have a tendency to read when I’m eating and I’m not the neatest person so spillage tends to happen on a regular basis. At least the jacket can be an extra layer of protection in those instances. Also, they serve as a handy book mark in a pinch.

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