The Christopher Killer by Alane Ferguson


Day 2 out of 7 of reading YA: The Christopher Killer

Mission Completed


Cameryn Mahoney lives in a small Colorado town with her old-school Irish Grandmother and her coroner father. Most 17 year olds would lean away from the curve and try to do everything they could do to avoid the business of death, but not Cameryn. Cameryn would like nothing more than to become a forensic pathologist and her chance starts early when she becomes a coroner’s assistant. But that chance becomes less glamorous when one of the first bodies she has to deal with is one of Cameryn’s own friends. Can she find out who killed her friend while staying out of the killer’s clutches?


Yes, YA loves a book series about a plucky young female protagonist, but the focus on the aspects of crime solving keep me going until the end. The weak stomached readers might squirm at some of the medical details (rib cracking and skin peeling aren’t for everybody), but they add an authentic feel to the forensic aspects of the story.


On the downside, the suspect pool is limited so the perceptive reader might figure out who the killer is before the big reveal, but that doesn’t take away from the clues that lead you to the final outcome. Also, plot, story, and details, take the forefront and characters fall to the background. You might keep reading just to solve the mystery instead of caring about what happens to Cameryn and the rest of the characters.


Still, I would recommend reading this book because if you start reading for the story, you’ll stay for the details.


Today’s Book:

The Girl From the Well by Rin Chupeco



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