Do You Imagine Yourself as the Book Character?



One of the most amazing things about reading books is the ability to envision a whole world and characters using just the author’s words and your imagination. It’s only natural to get immersed in the world of the book. But how do you see yourself in this world?


When I was younger every time I read, I imagined myself as the main character. I was going on the adventure and facing all the challenges. Now  my mind sometimes sides with the sidekick or even – more often than I’ll admit – a villain, but I’m still in the story all the same. It’s fun to completely submerge yourself in the story and see through the eyes of the character (or at least get a sense of their perspective). But there’s another approach I take as well.


There are other times when I see myself outside of the story as an all-knowing being watching the events unfold. Reading done from the perspective of an external viewer, like watching a film, is a totally different experience from seeing yourself in the book. Seeing characters as characters allows you to question and argue with their decisions. If I was the character I would do totally different things and realizing the difference makes me appreciate the journey of the character.


So, I’m divided. Sometimes I’m in the book sometimes I’m watching the book unfold. What about you?  When you read do you picture yourself as a character or are you observing the action?


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