Share Your “The Book Was Better” Rants



I think a lot of readers have the same reaction process when they find out that one of their favorite books will be turned into a movie. First there is the joy and then comes the “I wonder how they’re going to change it” worries. After all there are so many ways an adaptation can go wrong.


Whether it’s cutting out your favorite scenes, veering away from the original plot, unconventional casting choices, leaving out minor characters, or a terrible combination of all of those things, some of the changes made during the book-to-movie process are just unforgivable.


So, this is the post where I want to hear everybody share their “the book was better” rants. What changes really bothered you? Was the movie on the whole bad or did it just leave you wanting more? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Even though it’s supposedly a hideous sin not to love the To Kill a Mockingbird movie, I was rather disappointed the first time I saw it. I guess what got my hopes up was the fact that Harper Lee heartily approved of it, and since authors are notorious for hating the adaptations of their books, I figured it must have turned out exceptionally good for her to praise it as highly as she did. I thought the movie might turn out to be just like the book. I was wrong.

    It was still a good movie, just not what I wanted. The main problem for me was the missing scenes; there are two parts of TKM the novel that I loved and wanted to see onscreen–Jem’s dealings with Mrs. Dubose and Atticus’s interaction with Tom Robinson’s baby daughter–but they didn’t show either. And there were a few, minor details that were missing from the movie that, when I read the book, I thought were extremely important. But I guess if the movie had been made the way I wanted it to be, it would be six and half hours long instead of two and a half. 😉

    Also, the Anne of Green Gables movies. Every other AGG fan in the world loves them to death, but I thought the star of the films made a pretty pathetic Anne Shirley. Not like I imagined her at all.

    Really, the only time I’ve ever preferred a movie over the book was in the case of Pride and Prejudice. I like the BBC miniseries and some of the movies that have been made based on it, but I didn’t much care for the book itself.

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