Google Poetry Prompt

I got a little inspiration for this poetry prompt from Google Poetics, a site that collects found poetry using only Google’s autocompletes.



For this prompt do the following:

  1. Take one word.
  2. Find five of its synonyms.
  3. Pick one verb to use with your 6 words.
  4. Make a poem with the first Google search result each combo creates.


I chose the word creativity, and the verb is. After searching creativity is, individuality is, innovation is, inventiveness is, originality is and imagination is (my five synonyms), I created the poem below.


Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Individuality is important.

Innovation is defined as…

Is inventiveness a word?

Originality is dead.

Imagination is the only escape.


And since the possibilities are endless, with a little creative line work and punctuation I came up with another poem using the same words.


Originality is dead imagination.

Is the only escape creativity?

Is intelligence having fun?

Individuality is.

Important innovation is defined as is.


A word.


You might look at Google in a different light after completing this prompt. If you try your hand at creating some Google assisted poetry please share them below in the comments.


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