Do You Read What You Write?



I was going through some of my half written stories that I’ve kind of abandoned or otherwise left incomplete in my computer files, when I realized that the job was taking forever because I kept getting distracted by reading through the stories. It had nothing to do with editing or finishing, I read because I generally wanted to know what happened next (in most cases I forgot what happened entirely).


That’s when I started wondering, do writers read their own works?


I always thought it was a weird question to ask a writer. Of course they should like to read their own works. Sure, on some level the writer know what’s going to happen in the stories, they wrote it, but knowing the ending isn’t the biggest problem when it comes to reading.  Readers can appreciate reading the same book over and over even though they know the ending. It’s about the world, the characters, story development. So, spoiler on not, why not enjoy your own story just like your readers?


Then I thought a little deeper and found a biggest issue. Looking at a story from the side of the creator brings a different problem to reading.  Is it possible to immerse yourself in the world you created without thinking about ways it could be different…better? Can you turn off the internal editor in your mind and purely enjoy your own writing as you would enjoy another writer’s works? That’s a harder dilemma to solve.


When it comes to me, I’m not saying I can read everything I’ve written as a reader would. That is far from the truth. However, there are a few pieces of my work that I can enjoy reading for reading’s sake.


I’m curious on this subject, so all the writers out there please  let me know, do you enjoy reading your own books and stories as a reader or do you always see your work as a creator would?


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  1. I enjoy reading some of my work, especially if enough time has passed. I did the same thing as you did the other day and ran across a few older stories. I kept reading them, at times even thinking someone else had written them! But there are other times I cringe when reading older work that isn’t as clean as it could be. Then the editor shows up and she’s never any fun, lol.

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