Do You Own a Book You Don’t Intend on Reading?



Okay readers, we’re going to take an honest look at our bookshelves and answer the following question:


Do you own a book you don’t intend on reading?


I recently had to ask myself this question as I was digging through my bookshelves yesterday in the hunt for a book to read. But on my journey from spine to spine, I stumbled upon a copy of War and Peace. If I’m being perfectly honest, Leo Tolstoy’s nearly 1500 page tome of a book has been on my shelf for years and I haven’t given much thought to reading it.


And yet, I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. When it comes to removing books from my collection, I do regularly look through my shelves and donate duplicate books, books I didn’t care for, and books that were gifts or otherwise rescued from friends’ garage sales. Still, I don’t take War and Peace out of rotation.




So, while I have no intention of getting rid of my copy of War and Peace, I also don’t have any intention on reading the novel anytime soon. Why do I still hang on? Maybe it’s because the novel is regarded as one of the most important works of world literature, or maybe I’m holding onto hope that it’s not that I don’t intend on reading War and Peace, but am just waiting for the right moment.


I don’t know for sure.


Am I the only one that owns a book they have a complicated reading relationship with? What is your book?



  1. I’ve had Emma Donoghue’s ‘Room,’ since around the time it came out. It was gifted me by an in-law who read the reviews, and knows I love to read, etc. I can’t do it. I’ve read the first couple of chapters a few times and just can’t do it. But I can’t give it away on the off chance that in-law will notice it gone from my shelves. At which point I will either have to lie (“I loved it so much, I just HAD to loan it to [mythical and soap-opera named friend] because I KNOW she’ll love it so much, too”) or come clean (shame! SHAME!). So, yes, it’s complicated. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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