18 Reader Resolutions


A while back I wrote an article titled 18 Writer Worries that dealt with some of those issues that plague writers. Since it’s around the time when people start thinking about New Year’s resolutions, I thought it would be great to come up with a few resolutions readers out there might choose.


1) I resolve to not start a book series in the middle.

2) I resolve to not spoil the ending of any book or series no matter how high my excitement level.



3) I resolve to not get disappointed when people don’t read the books I recommend.

4) I resolve to use bookmarks for bookmarks.




5) I resolve to not shelf judge my friends. Unless their shelves are empty. I’m judging that.

6) I resolve to not wig out when someone borrows a book and doesn’t return it.

7) I resolve to not reorganize my bookshelves more than three times a month.


Dewey Decimal? Alphabetical? Color Coded?  The temptation is real.

Dewey Decimal? Alphabetical? Color Coded?
The temptation is real.


8) I resolve to not be genre exclusive.

9) I resolve to not breakdown when the movie isn’t exactly like the book.

10) I resolve to not fall for the lie one page more when I know I mean one chapter more and I really read to the end.




11) I resolve to not freak out if someone pronounces the character’s name in a book wrong! Yes, I know my way is right.

12) I resolve to limit how often I laugh out loud because I remembered something funny that happened in a book.

13) I resolve to not outwardly react when someone says they don’t read.




14) I resolve to pull myself away from my book to eat, drink, bathe, etc. (But not sleep… never sleep).

15) I resolve to not fall for Mr. or Mrs. Write.




16) I resolve to not race someone who is reading the same book as me. I read to read, not to win.

17) I resolve to not let what happens in my book determine my emotional state.

18) I resolve to not panic when I finish my book.




If you think of any more reader resolutions please share them in the comments below.


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