Do You Keep a Have Read List?



Since there is a new year starting in just a few days, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about past books I read and books I’m going to read. The one conclusion I’ve made is that I have a tough time remembering all the books I read throughout 2014.


While I’ve never done it before, I’ve decided to keep a have read list for 2015. My more organized friends have tracked the books they read, in various levels of details, over the years and I figured I’d give it a shot too .  So, I asked a few why keeping a have read list is beneficial and they gave me the following reasons. If you have any more reasons to add, feel free to do so in the comments.


You’ll have an accurate count of the books you’ve read 

You may surprise yourself (for better or worse) with the amount of books you’ve read in a year. If your number is high or low, it can be a good starting point for you to try and beat next year.


You can find out about your reading habits 

Do you read from as many different genres as you think you do? Have you spent an entire year without reading a single non-fiction book? A book list provides a useful tool for tracking the different kinds of books you read.  You can find out if you read the same book year after year or stick to breaking away at the ever growing list of books you haven’t read yet.  Also, if you date your entries you can see how long it takes you to read a book or how many books you read simultaneously.


A little organization goes a long way

Do you ever lose track of where you are in a series? Or forgot if you’ve read a book all the way through or just started it and moved on to a different book? A book list is helpful for tying up loose ends that your brain might not be able to  remember. This is especially helpful when you’re borrowing books from the library and can’t check your shelf to see what you have read.


 It makes looking back at the end of the year easier

 This one is pretty self explanatory.

Happy reading everyone.



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