Fighting With Book Hype



I’m going to start with a confession. I am one of the few people left out there who has yet to read The Hunger Games and I just realized why.


There is nothing wrong with Suzanne Collins’ series. I own the first book and entertained  the thought of reading it several times over the years. However, every time I tried to start, I lost interest just as fast and picked up one of the many other books on my “to read” list.


The problem had nothing to do with Hunger Games but everything to do with the hype surrounding the following books and movies. Every time I tried to start reading The Hunger Games was when a movie, DVD, or some other series related event brought Katniss and friends back into the forefront of my mind.




With the release of Mockingjay – Part 1 I experienced the same initial draw, but once again failed to start the series.  While I was reminded of how much I wanted to read the book, I felt inundated by images and reminders of the series. It ended up pushing me away from the first book of The Hunger Games series once more.


At least for now.


How do you feel when there is a lot of hype surrounding a book or series you want to read? Does it turn you off or draw you in?


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  1. The Maze Runner was getting some hype, and I have it here. But I got to page 20 and haven’t picked it up since. I don’t think it was really boring . . . idk why I haven’t finished it. Maybe I’m just not in the mood

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