When Authors Use Your Favorite Words?



For readers and writers, words are like our children. Except with words, it’s perfectly acceptable to choose favorites. We all have them in the back of our mind, whether it be an interesting sounding word, a different way to say something ordinary, or even an archaic word that doesn’t get used so often. Some words call out to us.


I for one get incredibly excited when I come across one of my favorite words in a book and will talk about it just as if it is an important plot point. People heard about it several times when J.K. Rowling used kumquats in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Kumquats is just the rare combination of fun sounding and seldom used. I love it. And so help me , if I ever find a sentence with discombobulated, machinations, and archipelago in it, I would probably read everything that author writes.


So, am I alone in my love of language or are their other word lovers out there?  And do you take notice when authors use  words that you love in their novels?


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