George Orwell Walks Into a Pub


In Orwell’s essay “The Moon Under Water” he describes his ideal barroom setting through the perfect but fictitious bar Moon Under Water. Some of the requirements he states are similar to what customers today look for in a drinking hole. Below are just five of the things Orwell thinks a bar needs to produce the perfect environment.



1. A friendly atmosphere

Its clientele, though fairly large, consists mostly of “regulars” who occupy the same chair every evening and go there for conversation as much as for the beer.


2. That’s not too crazy

Games are only played in the public, so that in the other bars you can walk about without constantly ducking to avoid flying darts.”

“It is always quiet enough to talk. The house possesses neither a radio nor a piano, and even on Christmas Eve and such occasions the singing that happens is of a decorous kin.”




3. With good beer and good variety

I doubt whether as many as 10 per cent of London pubs serve draught stout, but the Moon Under Water is one of them. It is a soft, creamy sort of stout, and it goes better in a pewter pot.


4. Great customer service

The barmaids know most of their customers by name, and take a personal interest in everyone.


5. And high standards and a keen attention to detail

They are particular about their drinking vessels at the Moon Under Water, and never, for example, make the mistake of serving a pint of beer in a handleless glass.


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