Mystery With a Drink

It’s impossible to go down the mystery aisle of the bookstore without noticing some of the themed series, and what makes a better theme than alcohol. Below are some series that have worked alcohol into the plot in a noticeable way. Included is the series list in order for those readers who can’t start a series in the middle.


The Wine Country Mysteries

By Ellen Crosby

In Virginia, Lucie Montgomery owns her family’s five hundred acre vineyard. What should be a peaceful and calm life of cultivating wine and enjoying the fruits of her efforts for Lucie turns into murder investigations and uncovered secrets.



The Merlot Murders

The Chardonnay Charade

The Bordeaux Betrayal

The Riesling Retribution

The Vintage Vendetta

The Sauvignon Secret



Jack Daniels Mysteries

By J.A. Konrath

Lieutenant Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels from the Chicago police department is a hardboiled, work obsessed, insomniac in the Violent Crimes Unit. Konrath provides funny and crisp dialogue with a tough as nails female lead.



Whiskey Sour

Bloody Mary  

Rusty Nail

Dirty Martini

Fuzzy Navel

Cherry Bomb

Shot of Tequila   



With a Twist



Wine Lover Mysteries

By Michele Scott

Nikki Sands is a waitress who knows her wines so well that it lands her a job working at a vineyard in Napa Valley. This seems like a step up but it is really a step into a world of murder and Nikki must figure out whodunit repeatedly.



Murder Uncorked

Murder by the Glass 

Silenced By Syrah

A Vintage Murder

Corked by Cabernet

A Toast to Murder

A Perfectly Purloined Pinot

A Killer Margarita



A Gin & Tonic Mystery

L.A. Kornetsky

Virginia “Ginny” Mallard and Tony Tonica are normally a concierge and bartender respectively. When mysteries seem to fall into their lap, they team up to solve them. This series has the bar background and is a plus for pet lovers as well.






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