The Good, The Bad, and The Scary – Day 29


Short Stories




“The Dead”

Michael Swanwick


Donald has a chance at getting a job at a start-up company. Sounds normal enough, except for the fact that the start-up deals in zombies (or at they put it “postanthropic biological resources”). The deeper Donald travels into the world of zombie workers the more repulsed he becomes by what a reliance on zombie labor could mean not only for the work force, but for humanity as well.


With as current and topical as “The Dead” comes across, it’s hard to believe the story is nearly 20 years old. What’s really frightening in “The Dead” isn’t zombies, but business.  It’s tough to imagine zombies as sympathetic, but the shift from menace to commodity and the cold calculating nature of the businessmen forces readers to feel for the undead creatures. By adding the sense of consumerism into the world of zombies a lot of humanity comes across, but it’s the bits and pieces of humanity that everybody tries to sweep under the rug.


The whole story can be read at the following link. “The Dead”


We passed by a stop-and-go where zombies stood out on the sidewalk drinking forties in paper bags. Through upper-story windows I could see the sad rainbow trace of virtuals playing to empty eyes. There were zombies in the park, zombies smoking blunts, zombies driving taxis, zombies sitting on stoops and hanging out on street corners, all of them waiting for the years to pass and the flesh to fall from their bones.


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