The Good, The Bad, and The Scary – Day 21





War of the Worlds

H.G. Wells


It’s just men and ants. There’s the ants, they builds their cities, live their lives, have wars, revolutions, until the men want them out of the way, and then they go out of the way. That’s what we are now–just ants. Only—-


Battles between men and ants. That pretty much sums up the relationship between alien invaders and humans in H. G. Wells War of the Worlds. Martians have come to Earth and they don’t come in peace or want to be taken to your leader. They want destruction. The first part of the novel focuses on the Martians’ initial landing on Earth and their quick disposal of man’s attempts at stopping them. While in the second half, our narrator and a few other survivors making their way in the Martian dominated world takes the spotlight.


War of the Worlds is a novel with internal turmoil flowing from every moment. Men are so underdeveloped they stand no chance of going against the alien threat. In a way, readers are entering a world where human are facing their destruction and are deciding how to deal with their own demise. Some fight back, some struggle to survive, but all deal with the now evident fact that humans are not as powerfully as they appeared to be. Characters are grappling with their own insignificance; while readers ask themselves some tough questions about being human.

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