The Good, The Bad, and The Scary – Day 19






Daniel X: Vol.1

James Patterson, Seung Hui Kye


Daniel is a fifteen-year-old alien on a mission. Ever since The Prayer, alien number 1 on a list of outlaw criminal aliens, killed his parents, Daniel worked defending the Earth by crossing off every name on that list. He does this so well, in part, because of his special power. He can shape shift and also manipulate objects with his mind. Currently number 6, Ergent Seth, is Daniel’s target and Daniel must catch him while also tackling something he never tried before…school.


I have a complicated relationship with James Patterson’s novels; I either love them or hate them, no middle ground. That is until I encountered his Daniel X series. I loved the premise about a teenage alien who hunts a list of outlaw aliens, but found that the choppy chapters of the novel and sparse writing left me wanting more. I wanted to like the novel, but ultimately didn’t. Then I saw the manga version with stunning art by Seung Hui Kye. The deficiencies that Daniel X the novel has aren’t present when translated into a manga form. Plus, the artwork enhances the storytelling and conveys a lot of emotion into Daniel X’s character and the story.


So, if you want to read a story about an alien who hunts aliens, pick up Daniel X the manga, not the novel.




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