The Good, The Bad, and The Scary – Day 14






The Boy Who Killed Demons

Dave Zeltserman


I’ve read a few of Dave Zeltserman’s novels and enjoy his Julius Katz Mysteries, so I’m highlighting a book that comes out tomorrow that I’m planning on crossing off my to read list. Zeltserman’s novel The Boy Who Killed Demons features a teenaged protagonist who just happens to see demons. Some might think that power would be awesome to have, but for Henry Dudlow the transition from student to demon slayer isn’t so easy to accomplish. Below is the novel’s description. I’m hoping for a good read and if anyone else reads Zeltserman’s book feel free to put your opinions in the comments below.


“The setting is quiet Newton, Massachusetts, where nothing ever happens. Nothing, that is, until two months after Henry Dudlow’s 13th birthday, when his neighbor, Mr. Hanley, suddenly starts to look . . . different. While everyone else sees a balding man with a beer belly, Henry suddenly sees a nasty, bilious, rage-filled demon.


Once Henry catches onto the real Mr. Hanley, he starts to see demons all around him, and his boring, adolescent life is transformed. There’s no more time for friends or sports or the lovely Sally Freeman—instead Henry must work his way through ancient texts and hunt down the demons before they steal any more innocent children. And if hunting demons is hard at any age, it’s borderline impossible when your parents are on your case, and your grades are getting worse, and you can’t tell anyone about your chosen mission.”


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