The Good, The Bad, and The Scary – Day 13





Hellboy Vol 1: Seeds of Destruction

Mike Mignola


It’s tough to image a demon as a good guy, and it is even tougher when that demon is bright red, 400 pounds, and has an oversized stone hand. Yes, Hellboy might be gruff but he’s not evil; in fact he fights evil. Trevor Bruttenholm found Hellboy at the end of World War II in the midst of a Nazi occult ceremony. Over 30 years since that event, Trevor reaches out to Hellboy who works as an investigator for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. Some weird otherworldly murders are occurring and Hellboy is on the job trying to find out who’s behind the mysterious events.


Hellboy is the kind of hero readers love to root for. He’s as intelligent as he is witty and despite his demonic exterior, he knows where to stay on the good/evil spectrum.  No one thinks of a demon as a good guy character, but Mignola puts that idea front and center. The choice of hero and the nature and complexity of the story elevates Hellboy to literary levels. Mignola’s storyline is not only well developed but face-paced and engaging. It’s tough to stop reading the adventures of Hellboy. Plus, the added little touch of weaving Hellboy’s own unique history into the current mystery adds yet another delightful dimension to the plot.


Mignola takes a lot of humor, a little Lovecraft, a demon with a heart of gold and crafts them all into one great comic hero story.




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