The Good, The Bad, and The Scary – Day 8

The Bad:





Allison Hewitt is Trapped

Madeleine Roux


Where do you want to be when the Zombie apocalypse breaks out? If you’re like me you probably answered a bookstore. This is the reality of Allison Hewitt. What turned out to be a normal day of working at Brooks & Peabody bookshop, turns into a fight to stave off a burgeoning zombie apocalypse. Can Allison and her fellow coworkers manage to survive battling the infected, deal with being imprisoned with some customers, and not mind all this time at work without a chance at overtime?


It’s easy to get sucked into Allison’s world. She is a spirited yet sarcastic and observant character. Her record of enduring through the zombie attacks shows the tension that occurs and affects one small group of people rather than the whole world, giving the novel an insular feel. Plus, it adds to the tone of realism Roux creates. This battle with the undead doesn’t involve everyone coincidently having machine guns and machetes at the outset of the zombie scourge. In Allison’s world, a fire ax and some golf clubs might be their only means of protection.


Madeleine Roux started Allison Hewitt is Trapped as a blog ( before the complete novel. The book itself takes the form of blog posts, which is an innovative and modern take on the zombie story. I don’t know for sure, but there’s a good chance #zombieattacks would trend on twitter if there even was an actual zombie outbreak. So if you would google how to zombieproof your house rather than run out in a zombie killing frenzy if this ever happened in real life, Allison Hewitt is Trapped might be your kind of zombie story.




Sometimes I see them disappear out of frame and I know they’re just outside the break room door, moaning at the barrier, thumping their heads and their rotten fists against the steel. It’s unfair, I begin to think, the others are trying to sleep. What do they want? Do they think we’ll answer the knocking and thudding? Do they even have the capacity to think or is it something else making them claw at the door?


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