The Good, The Bad, and The Scary – Day 4

The Good:




The Wolfman

Nicholas Pekearo


Let me paint a picture for you: The full moon was bulbous and yellow like the blind and rotted eye of a witch that peered down from the murky sky with bad intentions, and a million little stars shone down on the sleepy Southern town of Evelyn. The breeze was gentle and cool, carrying on it the scent of flowers and wet earth from the recent rain spell.


I just would like to take a minute and say it is truly unfortunate that Nicholas Pekearo was killed in the line of duty while working for the NYPD. He leaves behind a masterfully penned novel that mixes the world of the detective novel with the horror story staple, werewolves.


Marlowe (love that name) Higgins is many things, a short-order cook, a Vietnam vet, and also a werewolf or lycanthropic citizen for the politically correct. However, instead of releasing his wolfly nature on unsuspecting innocent townspeople, Marlowe goes after bad guys vigilante style. Currently the target of his beastly talent is the Rose Killer, a serial killer that murders some locals and has the quirk of putting flowers into their eye sockets.


While this story line of detective werewolf can turn cheesy fast, Pekearo does an amazing job of constructing Marlowe into not only a relatable character, but also a complex man battling with the actions he does during his wolf mania. He doesn’t always attack the wrong people and the mistakes he makes weigh heavy on Marlowe.


The one caveat I give is if you are a fan of mystery novels then the red herrings might lead you to the killer’s identity sooner than the author intends. However, despite that one misgiving, The Wolfman is an excellent read with a fresh and unique spin on the werewolf classic.


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