The Good, The Bad, and the Scary – Day 2

The Bad:





Heart-Shaped Box

Joe Hill


Many of the objects in his private collection of the grotesque and the bizarre were gifts sent to him by his fans. It was rare for him to actually buy something for the collection himself. But when Danny Wooten, his personal assistant, told him there was a ghost for sale on the Internet and asked did he want to buy it, Jude didn’t even need to think. It was like going out to eat, hearing the special, and deciding you wanted it without even looking at the menu. Some impulses required no consideration.


Just because you can buy anything on the internet, doesn’t mean you should. Judas aka Jude Coyne, aging rock star, learns this lesson the hard way when he purchases a dead man’s suit that comes complete with the dead man’s ghost. However, his acquisition is less Casper the friendly ghost and more phantom killing machine out for revenge. Who could have guessed that purchasing a poltergeist would cause so much trouble?


What adds a depth and originality to Hill’s work is the guessing game for who’s ultimately the bad guy. Jude himself is kind of a cad that nicknames his girlfriends after the state they were born in (his current girl Georgia comes along for this supernatural joy ride). However the ghost, Craddock, vows to kill Jude and everyone attached to him. So he’s a pretty solid villain, until the reader discovers that Craddock’s young daughter committed suicide after a torrid love affair with Jude. Is Jude deserving of this personal vendetta or is something far more sinister going on here? The suspense increases as Hill shows that Jude is not quite the jerk and Craddock not quite the justified vengeful spirit, and nothing is really as it appears.


Enjoy the rich layers Hill creates and the tense macabre atmosphere as you flip page after page to discover the ultimate truth.


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