For the Love of Gotham

I’m a big fan of comic books and am  super excited about Gotham. Fox’s series exploring Gotham before Batman starts today. It’s hard not to think about all the memorable Batman villains and imagine possible connections. So in utter anticipation I’ve compiled a list of some predictions and possibilities for Gotham.


Mr. Freeze’s Wife


Victor Fries is a scientist that due to an accident must wear a cryogenic suit to survive. However, most of Fries’ origin story revolves around the scientist trying to cure his terminally ill wife Nora. In Gotham, there is an opportunity to see his backstory and devotion to Nora play out before he became the cold, crazed, terror of a man we know and love today. Plus, we might finally get a chance to see why Victor loved Nora so much.



Future Love Interest: Poison Ivy or Catwoman

gotham5Before becoming a defender of all things plant related, Pamela Isley was a young wealthy girl with emotionally distant parents. She seems like the type of girl that would not only run in the same social circles as Bruce Wayne, but also relate to his recent orphan status. The possible interaction between these two may make friends of future enemies.

Then there’s Selina Kyle, a girl that shows Gotham what happens when you’re orphaned without an Alfred to rely on. Selina Kyle, before her Catwoman glory, is a teenaged orphan making it on her own by picking pockets and doing what she has to for survival. The big question for the Selina/Bruce dynamic is whether they will get along or end up fighting like cats and dogs (there had to be one cat pun). Since both are orphans, they have some common ground, but the rich boy poor girl rift is a lot to overcome.



The Bullied Kid’s Revenge – Penguin or Scarecrow

Penguin is a relatable villain. He was bullied all throughout school, his father didn’t like him that much, and animals were his only friend. He’s the kind of underdog you almost feel compelled to root for, despite his psychotic tendencies. Even though he decides to turn to a life of crime, the sympathetic nature of his character might pull at the heartstrings of viewers.

While Crane’s anger might make him less sympathetic than the Penguin, he’s had an equally pathetic childhood. From early on Jonathan had to deal with being rejected by his parents and then dealing with the abusive nature of his grandmother and her unconventional punishments along with the ridicule of other students. Still, Crane’s interest in fear and knowledge of science makes his possibility for mayhem and payback  much more terrifying.


Long story short, don’t pick on anyone if you attend Gotham High.




gotham3Just as Gotham explores Commissioner Gordon before the commissioner, it almost seems necessary to see District Attorney Harvey Dent when he’s idealistic law student Dent. Does he know the right way to stop Gotham’s problems or is his conscience torn between two different ideologies? The fact that Dent starts as a good guy working in a corrupt judicial system builds up tension that plays well against Dent’s future duplicitous nature. Be on the lookout for anyone flipping a coin.




The Ascent of Joker


So much of the Joker’s backstory is a mystery. What is his true identity? Why did he start his life of crime? Is Joker going to be introduced as the mysterious Red Hood? We don’t know and it would be interesting to see how writers add Joker into the dynamic of Gotham without that pivotal information. Then throw in the possibility for Batman’s future archenemy to meet a young Harleen Quinzel, and you have some compelling television moments.



Will Ra’s Al Ghul Appear

gotham7This last thread is a giant leap, but you can almost imagine Ra’s Al Ghul lurking in the shadows silently helping crime along without really doing anything himself until the big reveal that he was there the whole time. Maybe he’s already embedded in the show right now with a tiny Talia in toe.

Only time will tell.


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