The Good, The Bad, and The Scary

If literature teaches us anything, it’s that ghosts, vampires, and all the other things that go bump in the night can work with or against humans. So, since October starts tomorrow to celebrate the ominous feel of the fall month I will be doing a month of Monster Reads. Explore the good side, the bad side, and the downright knee-knocking, horrifying, bloodcurdlingly scary side of different monsters with me.

Quote of the Week

It’s International Coffee Day, so in-between your travels from coffee shop to coffee shop demanding your free cup of coffee (it’s your right!), enjoy this coffee themed quote. Jasper Fforde’s novel Something Rotten has a scene where the one and only Hamlet tries to place a coffee order with expected results.


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4 Things We Wouldn’t Have if We Didn’t Read Banned Books


We’re in the middle of Banned Books Week and I was thinking back at several of the amazing banned books like The Great Gatsby, Slaughterhouse-Five, and even The Lord of the Rings that would be missed if we couldn’t read them. So, here are some things we would miss out on if we look at a few banned books in a very It’s a Wonderful Life type way.
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Booking through Autumn

leaf2Even though pumpkin spice season started weeks ago, today marks the official start of autumn. You can call it fall if you want to, we don’t judge.  What better way to celebrate the season than by jumping into a good book. To get you into the mood, here are a few quotes about autumn.



Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows


Breakfast at Tiffany’s


The Fellowship of the Ring