The End of Comics and Graphic Novel Week

Art Spiegelman said “comics are a gateway drug to literacy”. So to end my look at comic books and graphic novels I wanted to look at some of the many literary references to superheroes and highlight the wonderful way different genres play well with each other.


Ironic people always dissolve when confronted with earnestness, it’s their kryptonite.

Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn



You never read Spider-Man? Accepting your true identity means understanding that you are a stranger to this world. A freak, ostracized by the very people you want to help.


Ted Dekker


You really want to know what being an X-Man feels like? Just be a smart bookish boy of color in a contemporary U.S. ghetto. Mamma mia! Like having bat wings or a pair of tentacles growing out of your chest.

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Junot Dìaz


Romeo and Juliet bucked the system, and look where it got them. Superman has the hots for Lois Lane, when the better match, of course, would be with Wonder Woman.

My Sister’s Keeper

Jodi Picoult

It could happen.

It could happen.


I never understood why Clark Kent was so hell bent on keeping Lois Lane in the dark.

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Audrey Niffenegger


Batman doesn’t have any superpowers. He’s not superhuman. He’s not super. So therefore he can’t be a superhero.

Jasper Jones

Craig Silvey


Aquaman gets no respect.

Aquaman gets no respect.

So he’s like a human compass? As far as superpowers go, that’s pretty lame. You’re like the Caster equivalent of Aquaman.

Beautiful Darkness

Kami Garcia



There are two types of people on planet Earth, Batman and Iron Man. Batman has a secret identity, right? So Bruce Wayne has to walk around every second of every day knowing that if somebody finds out his secret, his family is dead, his friends are dead, everyone he loves gets tortured to death by costumed supervillains. And he has to live with the weight of that secret every day. But not Tony Stark, he’s open about who he is. He tells the world he’s Iron Man, he doesn’t give a shit.

This Book Is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don’t Touch It

David Wong

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