How to Kill Vampires the Superhero Way

In my last article I mentioned some literary characters that meet comic book characters, but I left out one particular character that shows up to vex heroes time and time again. Of course when you theoretically can live forever you have plenty of time to make enemies. I’m talking about Dracula. Below are a few of the many times Dracula tries to suck the blood of alien, mutant and god alike.



Apocalypse vs. Dracula #1-4 (2006)

Dracula at just shy of 600 is an infant compared to the near 5000 years of Apocalypse, so bringing these two ageless beings together seems natural, the hard part is figuring out who to root for. Dracula is attacking Apocalypse’s acolytes as an act of revenge so he is the aggressor, but it is tough to see Apocalypse as a victim. Plus, Dracula is such an underdog it’s hard not to hope he takes down Apocalypse, but I think we all know how unsurprisingly this story will end.


0000Thor vs. Dracula # 332-333 (1983)

Speaking of times when Dracula bites off more than he can chew, we cannot forget when Dracula thought he could take on the god of thunder himself. While Dracula had a boost of confidence from the blood of the goddess Sif, even that doesn’t prove to be enough to form a challenge for Thor and his mighty hammer Mjolnir.


2Superman vs. Dracula #180 (2002)

Yet another super powered challenge for Dracula comes in the form of Superman. While Dracula does get the upper hand on Superman and actually gets to bite into Superman’s sweet alien neck, it proves disastrous because unfortunately for Dracula, he has no clue about the aliens known as Kryptonians. The main fact Dracula should know is that Kryptonians get power from Earth’s yellow sun. Superman’s blood is basically liquid sun and that proves enough to take down the fanged villain.


111Batman & Dracula: Red Rain (1997)

DC created an epic battle between a guy who figuratively turns into a bat and a guy who literally turns into a bat. Dracula becomes one of the many villains that plague the city of Gotham when he comes to town and starts to turn people into his own vampire army. Things become all the more complicated when Batman becomes a creature of the darkness (it was hard not to make the vampire bat joke there) to combat Dracula. I don’t think this will ever be the next film in the Batman franchise outside of the 2005 animated feature, but I have to admit I’d buy a ticket to see Ben Affleck get bit in the neck.


1Spiderman vs. Dracula Giant Spiderman #1 (1974)

Surprisingly in this episode Dracula doesn’t go after the radioactive blood of Spiderman, rather Dracula and Spiderman just are on opposite missions. Spiderman needs to meet Dr. A.J. Maxfield in order to get a medicine for Aunt May while Dracula would like to kill Dr. Maxfield because the medicine would really mess up his plans for villainy. The vampire seemingly throws the doctor off a cruise ship to his death and forgot the first rule of the villain handbook; make sure your target is dead before you leave. Spiderman saves the man and Dracula is none the wiser. Aw, that’s so cute. He doesn’t know he lost. Nobody tell him.


3X-Men vs. Dracula # 159 (1982)

Yes, Dracula decides to take on a team of mutants and it’s his battle to lose. Firstly, he manages to bite and start to turn Storm. In a battle with the X-men, Dracula is coming out the winner and it is only when his almost acolyte Storm joins the fight that the tide changes for the vampire. After a standoff between Storm and Dracula, he decides to give up and leave because he respects Storm. What!  As shocking as this development is, this might be Dracula’s smartest move. At least in this issue Dracula is not defeated outright, plus he lays this groundwork for an “I’ll be back” we’ll handle this later vibe.

P.S. this rematch totally happens in X-men Annual #6.


2Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula #1-3 (2011)

Hulk, evilly empowered but the Hammer of Nul, crashes into Dracula’s land. So Dracula instantly takes the defensive using his vampire army, the help of vampire team the Forgiven, adamantium nets, and train crashes to try and beat the unstoppable green rampage. When none of that stops the Hulk, an appeal from Betty Ross (a.k.a Red She-Hulk) calms Hulk down at least until Dracula tries to take a swing at the defenseless Bruce Banner. Really, Dracula? However, Dracula escapes getting another brutal beating because Hulk decides he has better stuff to do. That’s kind of sad but you know what, we’ll call that a victory for Dracula.


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