Literary World Cup – First Place – Congratulations Germany !!

0          After coming in third in 2006’s World Cup and third in 2010’s World Cup, Germany has received their first place win.  This is the first World Cup win for Germany since the country reunified in 1990 (West Germany won first place in the 1990 World Cup just four months before reunification). Germany also made history with their World Cup win, as the first European team to win a World Cup in South America. Congratulations Germany! As promised here are ten books celebrating German authors.

mannDoctor Faustus

Thomas Mann


“If Sharks Were Men”

Bertolt Brecht

000The Swarm

Frank Schätzing


00Why We Took the Car

Wolfgang Herrndorf


1Beyond Bratwurst: A History of Food in Germany

Ursula Heinzelmann



W.G. Sebald



The Manuscript1

Eva Zeller

Bea finds the manuscript of a woman who was captured in 1945 and deported to a labor camp in her grandparents’ house. From the manuscript she begins to learn more about her mother’s death, and through Jacob Stern, the only member of his family to survive the war, she comes to terms with her mother’s fate.


The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure2

Hans Magnus Enzenberger

Robert, a child who hates math and has distaste for dreaming as well, is visited at night by the Number Devil. Through several nights of fun and surprisingly interesting math lessons Robert (and maybe readers as well) come to appreciate some of the finer points of mathematics.


Inkheart   3

Cornelia Funke

Meggie father Mo has the ability to bring life to characters in books when he reads their books out loud. One character Mo reads to life, Capricorn from the book Inkheart, hopes to use Mo’s talent for evil and is not opposed to using Meggie as bait to get his way. Will he win or will Meggie prove strong enough to take on the evil Capricorn.



Christa Wolf

Medea is a familiar and complex character from Greek mythology, remembered for her sacrificing her own children in an act of rage. Wolf looks at this myth and shows Medea as a woman who is not just enraged but also trapped by the politics that reign supreme.



Jan Costin Wagner

A girl is kidnapped and her bike is found in the exact spot where a murder took place thirty-three years ago. Detective Kimmo Joentaa with the help of Ketola, a cop who worked on the original case, work to solve both the original case and the new kidnapping case while also trying to discover if both cases are connected at all.


Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story5

Leonie Swann

A good detective story about a murdered shepherd named George takes a turn for the outlandish when the detectives searching to find the shepherd’s killer are none other than the murder victim’s sheep.


The Shoe Tester of Frankfurt8

Wilhelm Genazino

Readers experience Frankfurt through the eyes of an unnamed middle-aged narrator. Our narrator is a slightly melancholy shoe tester, a job that requires him to walk around the city to ensure the quality of new shoes. As he walks he muses on life and entangles readers into his own self introspection.


The Invention of Curried Sausage7

Uwe Timm

Timm becomes narrator in this novel that tries to reveal the history behind the popular German street food currywurst. His quest uncovers a WWII backdrop, Lena Brücker’s secret love affair, and a growing development of a sausage that would later become currywurst.



Patrick Suskind

Quoth the pigeon nevermore. Something about the previous sentence seems odd, but Suskind’s novel Pigeon encompasses a mood and style similar to Poe’s famous raven. Jonathan Noel a bank security guard lives a quiet and orderly life that is interrupted when he opens his front door and comes face to face with a pigeon that somehow has the ability to toss Noel’s life into chaos.


Ruby Red10

Kerstin Gier

Gwyneth inherits the family time traveling gene, much to her surprise. Armed with another time traveler, Gideon, Gwyneth must figure out whom to trust and also uncover why her mother concealed the fact that Gwyneth would be the time traveling member in the family.



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