Literary World Cup – Third Place Winner

1Netherlands scored third place with a three point win against Brazil. Congratulations team Netherlands. I have included all the books mentioned during Netherlands’ wins.



corThe Corpse on the Dike

Janwillem Van De Wetering



Corinne Duyvis


44Silent Extras

Arnon Grunberg


0 Under the Skin

Michel Faber


1Recipes from My Dutch Kitchen

Janny de Moor



Netherlands vs. Brazil0

WINNER: Netherlands


Joe Speedboat

Tommy Wieringa

Frankie Hermans winds up in a six month long coma after a suicide attempt. When he wakes up he can only use his right arm, which he uses to report on the events happening in his town. One detail that changes Frankie’s delving into the otherwise boring town is Joe, a charismatic person who shows Frankie there is more that he can do with his handicap than documenting the events of the people he lives with.



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