Literary World Cup – Semifinals

The semifinals of World Cup this year was pretty groundbreaking. Germany’s 7-1 win over Brazil made history as the biggest margin of victory in a semifinal game ever in World Cup history.  Astonishing! So first place will be a showdown between Germany and Argentina, and I can’t wait to see how this World Cup unfolds.


Germany vs. Brazil0

WINNER: Germany


W.G. Sebald

Vertigo is an apt title for Sebald’s novel because as readers go on this journey with the unnamed narrator they can’t help but fall into the dizzying array of both time and place. As the narrator traverses through Europe he also travels through different characters, such as Stendhal and Kafka. The end result is a book that possesses both details historical allusions and a unique textual richness.


Argentina vs. Netherlands1

WINNER: Argentina

How I Became a Nun

Cèsar Aira

A stop for strawberry ice cream changes six year old César’s life for good. In the city of Rosario an ice cream vendor serves César an ice cream laced with cyanide. Her father kills the ice cream vendor and César ends up in the hospital with cyanide poisoning, a disease that cause her to have delusions. As César deals with the every day, and not so every day, situations a six year old deals with, readers gets sucked into seeing what is imagined and what is reality.


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