Literary World Cup – Final Round of 16

Just have to say congratulations to Tim Howard, even though the US lost he fought valiantly to protect the goal. Kudos.


Argentina vs. Switzerland1

WINNER: Argentina

The Winners

Julio Cortázar

People in Buenos Aires win tickets to a mysterious cruise to an unknown destination. After a few hours on the ship the passengers learn that a disease is affecting the crew and the passengers have to remain in a small section of the ship. Cortázar skillfully explores the different reactions the passengers have to their confinement and what will happen to the ship in the end.


Belgium vs. United States1

WINNER: Belgium


Jean-Philippe Toussaint

The narrator of Television is working on a monograph about the artist Titan. As he tries to endeavor on his project, he finds himself bogged down by the details and distracts himself by not watching television. In not watching television, the narrator becomes obsessed with the idea of television. In a way readers can relate to both the pervasive nature of the television and also the debilitating state of distraction.




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