Literary World Cup – Round of 16

France vs. NigeriaImage

WINNER: France

The Missing Piece

Antoine Bello

Charles Wallerstein, the president of the American Puzzle Federation, sets up the International Speed Puzzle Circuit, a worldwide organization dedicated to solving jigsaw puzzles. While puzzles become the new hit trend, a serial killer begins targeting players on the circuit. Besides the mystery behind the serial killer, Bello’s novel includes 48 clues for the readers to encourage them to solve the case before they read the solution.


Germany vs. AlgeriaImage

WINNER: Germany

Why We Took the Car

Wolfgang Herrndorf

Mike is a socially awkward middle-schooler without any friends. Andre Tschichatschow (Tschick) is an unpopular Russian transfer student who also has no friends. One evening both boys decide to take a road trip to the middle of nowhere without worrying about parents, school, or the ordinary lives they are leaving behind. As they embark on this journey they meet outrageous characters and leave the readers wondering just how far their epic journey will go.



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