Literary World Cup – Round of 16

Netherlands vs. MexicoImage

WINNER: Netherlands

Under the Skin

Michel Faber

Part of the fun of Faber’s novel is deciding whether to be worried for the main character Isserley, a woman driving down the road alone picking up hitchhikers, or to be worried for the hitchhikers she picks up. As Isserley listens to the hitchhikers, always men who have big muscles, she learns ominous facts, like who might miss them if they disappear making the guessing game all the more fascinating.


Costa Rica vs. GreeceImage

WINNER: Costa Rica

Cry Watercolors

Carlos Alvarado

Mark is a middle aged writer who projects the emotions he buries onto his characters. He writes and relates to the world through the subject of Ghost Towns in the California Sierras. When his sense of isolation becomes more pronounced due to a sickness, he visits his family’s vacation home in Lake Tahoe. There he meets Emilia, a woman who pleasantly disrupts his cloistered existence. But will this new love and life work for Mark, or will the circumstance change his course of action once again?




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