Literary World Cup – Round 3 Group H

The last of the groups before we start the round of 16 is here, and I’m excited for more action. Belgium and Algeria are through to the next stage, and we can only wait and see what happens next.


Algeria vs. RussiaImage

WINNER: Algeria


Leila Sebbar

Normally for ties I would write about both teams, but Algeria is through to the round of 16, so I’m going to celebrate them. Sherazade is an Algerian teenaged runaway living in Paris. While dealing with her Algerian heritage and past, she also faces stereotyping, and being pressed into a mold she doesn’t want to fit into. In Sherazade, Sebbar creates an identity crisis and then an identity for a girl in France during the late twentieth century.


Belgium vs. South KoreaImage

WINNER: Belgium

The Stranger Next Door

Amelie Nothomb

Emile Hazel and his wife Juliette move to their dream house in the south of France. However, their dream quickly becomes a nightmare when their neighbor Dr. Bernardin continues to drop by time and time again. Though Emile resorts to rudeness to rid himself of the burdensome doctor, the two continue to interact in ways that make readers question just who is the stranger next door.




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