Literary World Cup – Round 3 Group G

Germany and the United States are through to the round of 16. Not going to lie, I was a little shocked by the results.


Germany vs. United StatesImage

WINNER: Germany

The Swarm

Frank Schätzing

Schätzing’s novel is long but worth it for the scientifically realistic details and the inventive plot and characters. Earth’s fragile ecosystem is fighting back, and it’s not going out with a whimper. Whales are sinking ships, thousands of people are dying, and humans are starting to really feel the effects of the ocean’s revolution against mankind.


Portugal vs. GhanaImage

WINNER: Portugal

Codex 632: The Secret of Christopher Columbus

José Rodrigues dos Santos

Thomas Noronha, a cryptographer, must finish the work of a scholar that was found dead in his hotel room. What seems like a simple assignment unearths a code that leads Thomas on a globe trekking expedition tied to one of the greatest mysteries of all time. But just what is the mystery, what does it have to do with the celebrated explorer Christopher Columbus, and will Thomas put together all the pieces before it’s too late?



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