Literary World Cup – Round 3 Group F

So far every group has had one country that I didn’t get to write about, and Group F is no exception. So on your way out Iran, I honor your participation by drawing attention to Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novel Persepolis and Persepolis 2.


Argentina vs. NigeriaImage

WINNER: Argentina

Talking to Ourselves

Andrès Neuman

Neuman’s novel is about a family with secrets told from three different perspectives. Mario, the father, takes his ten year old son Lito on a road trip but hides the fact that he is sick and doesn’t know if this trip will be his last. Meanwhile Lito’s mother Elena embarks on her own journey. Through each character’s voice, readers get a sense of what secrets they hide from each other and the ways they all say to themselves what they can’t say to each other.


Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. IranImage

WINNER: Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Son

Andrej Nikolaidis

In Nikolaidis’ novella a writer walks out into the night in the city of Ulcinj after his wife leaves him. While the unnamed writer has difficulty adjusting to the new norms he runs head first into characters who embrace the changing times, including a piano player who quits school and converts to Islam and a group of refugees from Kosovo.


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