Literary World Cup – Round 3 Group E

France and Switzerland are through to the next round. Vonnegut’s Heaven: Dracula in the AID’S Era by Roberto Quesada is a novel by a Honduran author, since I avoided writing about them throughout World Cup.


Switzerland vs. HondurasImage

WINNER: Switzerland

Anna Goeldin – The Last Witch

Eveline Hasler

Hasler uses a real event as a basis for her fictional novel. In 1782 Switzerland, during the Enlightenment, Anna Goeldin was accused of bewitching a child. What followed was a trial, a tortured confession, and an execution. Looking at this last witch trial in Switzerland is looking into a world grappling between new modern ideas and traditional unsubstantiated accusations.


France vs. Ecuador

WINNER: Déjà vu

Déjà Vu and the End of History

Paolo Virno

Round 3 Group D I mentioned that Not England was the winner because England managed to hold off the point leader but lost in the end. Ecuador was in the same situation for this round and produced the same result. Congratulations Ecuador, but you’re still not the winner.


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